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Achieving an amicable divorce can be a challenge.  Collaborative divorce offers a way for couples to end their marriage as cooperatively and productively as possible.  You, rather than the court, are in charge of all major decisions that bring a marriage to a formal end.   Instead of battling in front of a judge, the collaborative divorce team uses cooperative strategies to create a safe environment in which difficult conversation can take place.Our specially trained professionals will help you reach mutual agreement with respect and dignity.  The core of the Collaborative team includes divorce attorneys along with mental health professionals.  Financial professionals and child specialists are available as needed.

New York State divorce law does not require litigation to end a marriage.  It can be done by consensus through the collaborative divorce process.  By addressing custody, child support and financial issues your collaborative team is prepared to keep you out of the court system.   Decisions about retirement funds, assets, real estate, bank accounts and debt are made by you.

Planning for a divorce is usually accompanied by discomfort, uncertainty and a host of other feelings.  We guide and coach so the process stays on track and you reach your goals.  Reaching mutual agreement through this alternative resolution process frees you from hostile litigation and a legacy of mistrust and doubt.  Amicable separations are possible.  Child custody arrangements that meet everyone’s needs can be achieved.  Additionally, child specialists are available to provide advice on how to talk to your children about divorce and help design age appropriate plans for them.

You interview and choose your Collaborative Divorce attorneys and divorce coaches in our group.  Your attorney and coach will meet with you alone prior to a full team meeting.  In these private meetings you will have the opportunity to share your relationship history as well as your post-divorce goals–where you see yourself and children a few years down the road.  How you handle divorcing is crucial to the long term well being of  your children.  The collaborative approach allows you to design a custody plan that works best for your children and you.   Litigation often leads to the court making critical decisions for you.  Your collaborative attorneys make a pledge to stay out of court.

Divorce without war is possible.  Please contact any one of us to ask questions or to schedule an appointment.  We have found Collaborative Divorce to be a powerful and effective alternative to litigation.