What our clients say about the Collaborative Process

From participants in a collaborative custody matter:

“Conflict was settled in a positive environment with low stress and anxiety.”

“We came to a mutual agreement based on compromise and concern for [our son].”

“No one yelled…[and I felt my] ¬†goals were accomplished.”

“I went into this believing it would never work. To my happy surprise, it worked out better than expected.”

From participants in a collaborative divorce matter:

“Divorce isn’t easy and the collaborative process is hard work but it was so much less stressful and more positive [than the usual litigated divorce]. I felt proactive and like a real participant in the process. I was very happy with the outcome and always felt like my ‘team’ was truly concerned for my well being.”

“The Collaborative Divorce process made it possible for me to voice my concerns and wishes.”

“I chose this process because it seemed like a less disruptive and conflicting approach that had the potential for a better outcome.”

“The process seems to work much better than the stories I hear from people doing a ‘conventional’ divorce.”

“If you are having difficulty coming to terms with your divorce, this is a respectful way to work out your issues.”